Hi!  My name is Jeanette and I want to thank you for taking the time to look me up on the web!  If you're looking at this page, then obviously you want to know more about the person you're considering hiring to bring a little artistic flair to your event!​
Well, I've always been an artistic person and from childhood I can remember being drawn to anything that I could create with my hands and imagination.  Growing up in a more "level headed" household, I'm sure my penchant for art scared my parents something awful and they  attempted to steer me away from the fated "starving artist" career choice.  I must've had a deep seated rebellious streak because after 15 years of being the practical grownup I found myself once again with a paint brush in hand!  That was 15  years ago and what started off as my being a mom volunteer painting hearts and starts on the at my son's schools  has become a huge creative outlet that lets me explore my imagination  and bring smiles to canvases of every size!
During my "practical years"  I served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, and became a CAD Drafter once I left the service. While those two rigid career paths did a lot to instill in my the importance of attention to detail and integrity, they did little to smother my love for all things artistic. I've done it all (and I'm actually still doing it...somehow) from sewing to scrapbooking, mural painting to wood working! It's no wonder that I wound up a face and body artist...the only a mystery that it took me so long to discover this artform!​
I love to paint people and starting CJ's Face & Body Art (formerly Imaginastic...never let your kids name your business) has opened my eyes to a world of endless possibilites! I've trained under many of the body painting industries most renown artists and I am constantly seeking out opportunities for further training. As far as I'm concerned, a dull tool is a useless one and I'm anything but dull!  The more I learn, the more socks I get to knock off...and who doesn't like flying socks?!
I am also the Vice President of Programs for the North East Ohio Face Painters Guild, an organization dedicated to bringing greater awareness of professional quality face and body art to North East Ohio.  As a co-founders of the Guild, I helped set a high standard for material usage, professional and ethical business practices as well as helped make  safety and hygiene standards a top priority for area  painters. It's all about artwork, but artwork is meant to be enjoyed so it has to be about safety as well!
There are many choices for face painting entertainment in North East Ohio and I hope to get a chance to show you what I have to offer! Please continue to look around my site; there's lots to see, and if you're convinced I'm more than just another lunatic with a paintbrush, please do give me a call!  Happy Hunting!

The face behind the brush:

C. Jeanette Benware, Professional Face & Body Artist