temporary tattoo art


...a shimmery, forgiving and pain free alternative...

          Temporary tattoo art is the latest craze in the body art arena and they are an excellent addition or alternative to traditional face painting . The tattoos last anywhere from  3 to 7 days with proper care and with the many different options available for your events, there's virtually something for everyone!  The tattoos are also waterproof which makes them perfect for pool parties.  Custom tattoo designs can  be created for your event, give me a call to find out how!

CJ's offers the following temporary tattoo options:

GLITTER: Cosmetic grade glitter applied to a latex free body glue.  With over 140 different design options and  countless possibilities for free hand designs, Glitter Tattoos are always a great option when you want your guests to have a memorable take-home gift.

MICA: Cosmetic mica powder  applied much like the Glitter Tattoos only with a more subtle (aka less sparkly)  and understated end product.  The tattoos can be applied using  any of over 140 different design options or customized freehand.

SKIN INK: Tattoos are manually applied using FDA compliant, alcohol based skin inks. These tattoos are a favorite amongst boys, young and old because they are the closest thing to being "inked"...of course without the pain!

AIRBRUSHED TATTOOS: Airbrushed tattoos are applied with an airbrush using  the same FDA compliant skin ink . The speed of application that the airbrush provides make these tattoos an excellent option for  large events.