What types of paints do you use?

The word "paint" is somewhat misleading in this regard. Only professional grade, FDA compliant, face/body cosmetics are used in my designs. In addition, cosmetic grade glitters, and latex free, cosmetic grade body glues and adhesives are used for tattoos and prosthetic. My materials, while more expensive, are of the highest quality available for professional face and body artistry. I want each person I paint to love their artwork as much as I love creating it and so I never uses mediums intended for use in general crafting (i.e., poster, tempera, acrylic paint) nor do do use the products that one might find in their local Halloween shop. These products are formulated for use on craft projects not living skin and my client's skin is just as important to me as my own. I opt for quality over expense because it allows me to express myself artistically with the peace of mind in knowing that every client's safety has been given the utmost consideration. The make up I use is easy to wear and easy to remove.  

Naturally, we are all different and some skin is more sensitive than others, so I offer patch tests to anyone who suspects that there skin might be  to sensitive for cosmetics. I just so happen to be one of those people and you can be rest assured, I've tested all of my products on myself before using them on any children, including my own. If it doesn't make the cut, it doesn't make my kit...period.  MSDS information is available for all materials I use.